2018 was a year of swift change as some ad-supported media struggled and pivoted to new revenues streams, Amazon emerged as a viable third challenger to the Facebook/Google duopoly, and issues over transparency and control further rankled marketers. As we look back on the year and peer ahead into 2019, here are some of the trends you can expect to see shaping 2019.

Brands will (carefully) move more marketing in-house
The traditional agency model isn’t dead, but it’s certainly changing as more brands look to take control of their marketing, leaving agencies instead to conduct more specialized work. In a Digiday survey of 161 advertisers in December, marketers said they plan on taking a wide array of marketing functions in-house in 2019. In the report, 33 percent of marketers said they’ve taken ownership of paid and organic search in-house, while 37 want to execute programmatic buying internally.

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