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Digiday Magazine Issue 9

The media world is in the midst of a period of more significant upheaval, with tech giants sucking up the majority of ad dollars, digital advertising plagued by a lack of transparency and companies taking a hard look at culture impact. Fixing massive industries isn’t as simple as hitting a button, but in this issue we explore the ways the media and marketing world is moving from an era where scale trumped loyalty, reach obscured impact and the short term dominated the long term.


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AI Marketing Summit

Artificial intelligence is in the trough of disappointment. It’s chatbots that don’t work. It’s voice assistants that force people to talk like robots. For AI in marketing, which is very much in its infancy, the hype has overshadowed the reality. But expectations have been unfair. AI is the buzzword du jour, but unlike other technologies, its buzziness built before it even got a shot at delivering. That was the overarching theme at the inaugural Digiday AI Marketing Summit in Santa Barbara, California.

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April 26

Slack town hall with ad fraud expert Dr. Augustine Fou Pulse Premium Content

Thursday, April 26 at 12 pm E.T. - Cybersecurity and ad fraud researcher Dr. Augustine Fou will join Digiday+ members for a Slack Discussion to share tips and tricks on how ad buyers and publishers can identify ad fraud and reduce their exposure to it.