Digiday+ Member Article

At the Digiday Marketing Summit in December, we sat down with over 30 industry executives from major brands across the U.S. to discuss developing trends such as making branded content work. Check out our earlier research on how confident brands are about branded content’s efficacy here. Learn more about our upcoming events here.

Top findings:

  • Only 16 percent of brands think brand safety is a major issue.
  • The majority of brands believe campaign performance is the only major issue brands face in digital advertising.
  • Brand marketers are most likely to believe brands themselves are ultimately responsible for ensuring brand safety.

Disaster strikes. A brand’s ad is found next to objectionable content, whether it’s an extremist video, a so-called alt-right news site or a Logan Paul video. Brands have a predictable and well-rehearsed response: Public relations executives will make generic statements about how their company is “deeply upset” and “concerned” about being associated with something so contrarian to its values, promising to “ensure all necessary steps are taken” so it doesn’t happen again.

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