Media Briefing: Publishers’ Q4 earnings paint a gloomy picture of 2023

An analysis of four publishers’ Q4 and full-year 2023 earnings.

The Rundown: The Trade Desk’s take on the next year in ad tech

Sharing a stage with leading media executives from PepsiCo, Samsung Mobile, and Unilever, leading execs at the DSP shared their vision for the year ahead.

How much can states regulate social media? The Supreme Court hears cases for and against

The U.S. Supreme Court addressed separate cases about a similar question: Can states limit social media companies’ moderation?


Investment is (slowly) trickling back into ad tech

Investors want to profit from life after the cookie.

esports gamers

How Ubisoft’s measured approach to esports paid off at Six Invitational 2024

With the success of last weekend’s Six Invitational competition, video game publisher Ubisoft may have finally cracked the code to make esports a genuinely profitable venture for all involved.

As competition stiffens in digital marketing, Orangetheory Fitness reconsiders performance spend

It’s been a debate for years: How can performance and brand marketing co-exist to push sales and boost brand awareness or affinity simultaneously? It’s a question that Orangetheory Fitness is now asking itself after 14 years in business. 

Special Edition
The 2024 Notebook

This editorial package from Digiday will help marketers guide their budgets after a tumultuous 2023.

Future of TV

Future of TV Briefing: DoubleVerify and Roku uncover CTV ad fraud scheme costing advertisers $7.5M per month

This week’s Future of TV Briefing looks at a connected TV ad fraud scheme uncovered by DoubleVerify and Roku that’s been siphoning an estimated $7.5 million per month from advertisers.

WTF are outcome-based measurement guarantees?

Advertisers’ emphasis on performance has led some TV network and streaming service owners to guarantee their ability to deliver against specific business outcomes.

Future of TV Briefing: A Q&A with Colin and Samir’s Samir Chaudry on the state of the creator economy

This week’s Future of TV Briefing features a Q&A with Samir Chaudry from creator duo Colin & Samir discussing the state of the creator economy.

Media Buying

Indie Traction re-emphasizes client service in a bid to rewrite what it means to be a media agency

Traction’s brought in Lauren Evans, a veteran marketer, whose mandate is to navigate the complexity and challenges within client companies and translate it to marshaling the right agency talent and resources.

Media Buying Briefing: Topics we’ll tackle at the Media Buying Summit next week

Next week’s DMBS stage will host holding company executives, independent media agency leaders, clients and ad-tech experts who will share their knowledge, best practices and experiences with the audience.

How agencies are tackling growing sports media fragmentation

While sports media investments are rising, the complicated media landscape is forcing agencies and advertisers to rethink their content strategies.

Digiday Publishing Summit
Mar 25, 2024

The Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit offers an influential group of programmatic marketing leaders a chance to come together to discuss pain points, pitch solutions and ultimately, make valuable business connections.

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Confessions of a brand marketer: ‘The more willing you are to take a stand, the faster you’ll gain a loyal following’

Investing in brand marketing in the hopes of driving organic growth and sales, and maybe even going viral, has become a top priority for brands. But how can a company stand out in a saturated market without paying for views? What roles must they fill internally to sustain organic growth? If authenticity is the goal, what is the best practice for approaching social media’s increasingly polarizing topics? And do all brands really need to be on TikTok? Today’s Confessions subject has big opinions about all of these topics which she’s honed over a career working with digital-native brands.