At the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe event last month in Monaco, we sat down with over 80 European publishing executives to learn how important expanding internationally is to their businesses. Check out our earlier research on media buyers’ fear of consulting firms here. Learn more about our upcoming events here.

Quick takeaways:

  • Roughly half of the publishers in Digiday’s survey from the event said expanding internationally is extremely or very important to their business strategy.
  • Only 29 percent said international expansion is not at all or not very important.
  • Expanding internationally could become more difficult if publishers can no longer use Facebook to build massive, loyal followings in their desired markets.

Making money in media is no simple task. Simply amassing huge audiences isn’t enough to result in a profitable business. As publishers chase audiences and diversify their revenue streams, one strategy for publishers is to expand to new international markets. Forty-eight percent of the 84 European publisher executives Digiday surveyed said international expansion was at least a very important business strategy.

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