At the Digiday Media Buying Summit earlier this month in New Orleans, we sat down with 63 media-buying executives to learn how they’re implementing artificial intelligence and their concerns about competing with consulting firms. Check out our earlier research on how retailers are using mobile apps for consumers here. Learn more about our upcoming events here.

Quick takeaways:

  • Only 25 percent of media-buying agencies have integrated AI into their media-buying processes, according to Digiday’s survey from the event.
  • Only 13 percent think AI will replace media buyers.
  • Seventy-six percent believe consulting firms pose a competitive threat.
  • Roughly half (49 percent) think consultancies pose the greatest threat to full-service agencies.
  • Concerns about increased competition from consulting firms have remained constant from last year.

Robot media buyers?
AI is a hot topic in any crowd, especially for those worried about losing their jobs to the technology. A McKinsey Global Institute report from November predicts that 400 million to 800 million people will lose their jobs to AI by 2030. For now, however, media buyers seem to think their jobs are safe. Only 13 percent of respondents to Digiday’s survey believe AI will replace them.

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