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At the Digiday Media Buying Summit last month in New Orleans, we sat down with 63 media-buying executives to learn their biggest concerns about the digital advertising industry. Check out our earlier research on the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal’s impact on online advertising here. Learn more about our upcoming events here.

Quick takeaways:

  • As in Digiday’s research from last year, campaign performance was media buyers’ top concern.
  • Fears about decreasing digital ad budgets have fallen sharply since last year.
  • The biggest growing concerns were brands taking marketing in-house and transparency in media buying.

Meeting campaign goals and transparency go hand in hand
As major brands reduce their marketing budgets, agencies are feeling the pressure to perform. Digiday asked 63 media-buying leaders in a survey to rate their level of concern about a variety of issues, and ensuring campaign performance ranked at the top, with 77 percent of respondents saying they were significantly or extremely concerned about it.

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