At the Digiday Retail Summit event last month in Austin, Texas, we sat down with 53 retail executives to hear how they approach marketing on Amazon. Check out our earlier research on European publishers’ adoption of programmatic advertising here. Learn more about our upcoming events here.

Quick takeaways:

  • Only 20 percent of retailers in Digiday’s survey advertise on Amazon.
  • None are spending more than 50 percent of their marketing budget on Amazon.
  • Twenty-seven percent said they plan to advertise on Amazon in the coming year.
  • Zero percent said they had recently purchased an ad on Amazon Spark.

Retailers take a cautious approach to advertising on Amazon
Amazon’s advertising business is off to a roaring start, already driving $1.7 billion in revenue. Despite this rapid growth, retailers are spending marketing dollars on Amazon cautiously, if at all. According to Digiday’s survey, 80 percent aren’t marketing on Amazon, and only 2 percent are spending a quarter or more of their marketing budget on the platform.

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