Limited Series
Future of TV series

This video series explores the state of the streaming ad industry.


Amazon’s upfront debut crowns its courtship of adland

After months of tech overhauls, and data-led pitches, Amazon now adds some star-studded glamor.

Google debuts new agents, content creation tools and search features powered by generative AI

At its annual I/O developer conference, Google debuted ways to use AI for searching online and offline worlds to creating content and performing tasks. 

Gannett’s new contract language around AI unsettles local union

A newsroom union at a local Gannett-owned newspaper is going back and forth with company management on language in their contract regarding the use of AI and its impact on their jobs, just one of many guilds dealing with these negotiations.

Special Edition
The third-party cookie primer

This editorial package from Digiday will help marketers navigate the phase-out of the third-party cookie in Google Chrome browsers.


X boasts 8 billion daily video views as it pushes to become video-first

With the latest stats, X aims to make headway toward positioning itself as a video-first experience in the eyes of marketers.

Digiday+ Research deep dive: Marketers remain invested in programmatic, but agencies show less confidence than brands

Programmatic advertising remains a stalwart among marketers’ ad budgets, but that agencies’ confidence in the channel has been shaken in recent months.

Expedia’s launching a retail media network. Is it late for departure?

Expedia’s launching a retail media network to boost its ads business. Will category expertise be enough of an edge?

Future of TV

Future of TV Briefing: How upfront ad sellers’ ‘advanced audiences’ pitches have, um, advanced this year

This week’s Future of TV Briefing looks at how ad buyers’ and sellers’ discussion around advanced audiences is different in this year’s upfront market.

‘Fasten your seat belt’: What to watch for in this year’s TV and streaming advertising upfront market

Agency and TV network executives expect a slower pace to this year’s dealmaking cycle, as advertisers’ budgets stay soft.

Digiday+ Research: How advertisers are approaching spend in the upfront market

Digiday+ Research surveyed brand, retailer and agency professionals earlier in the second quarter to get an idea of how marketers plan to spend during this year’s upfront.

Media Buying

Influencer agencies expand their consulting services as competition grows

Social and marketing agency Socially Powerful last month added consultancy services that aim to hone in on enterprise brand and influencer marketing areas for its clients.

Media Buying Briefing: Is Dentsu’s latest restructure the solve it needs to get back to growth?

The latest new product is Merkury for Media, which aims to place all of Dentsu’s media for clients against first-party data coming out of Merkury, a global data, identity and insights platform.

IPG’s former data chief Arun Kumar: How data collection can be improved without too much regulation

In his book, The Data Deluge, which comes out next week, Kumar argues that as data and data collection and analysis got more sophisticated, somewhere along the way, ethics took a backseat.