On Oct. 17, Shopify held its first-ever Shopify Commerce+ conference hosted by its Shopify Plus service where companies from retailer Rebecca Minkoff to digitally native brand Brooklinen spoke to an audience of 300 attendees at the Times Center in Manhattan. The major theme on the agenda: scale. Retailers are increasingly going direct-to-consumer as digitally native companies are opening brick-and-mortar stores and expanding internationally. A common denominator: They are using Shopify to build out their own their e-commerce communities and retain customer data as they do so.

The conference, pulled together in two months, was the latest opportunity to pitch potential clients its Shopify platform and services, which already powers the e-commerce businesses of 600,000 merchants with store templates, targeting methods, analytics programs and automated ways to manage sales and inventory. It comes as Amazon, a direct competitor to Shopify, is making headlines as Amazon sellers continuing to complain about everything from the e-commerce giant retaining customer data to the unresponsiveness of Amazon’s support staff. Amazon has subsequently reacted with new efforts to attract more small businesses, launching Amazon Storefronts, its new 4-star store and a partnership with ‘Shark Tank.’

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