Walmart rolls out a self-serve, supplier-driven insights connector

Walmart rolled out a new insights offering on April 17 at the Possible conference in Miami that involves its Walmart Connect and Walmart Luminate products. Seth Dallaire, Walmart U.S.’ chief revenue officer, explained some of the news when he sat for an interview at the Digiday Studio at Possible, at which Digiday was a media partner.

With some 144 million customers shopping via in-store and online, the retail giant has connected its Walmart Luminate insights unit with its sales network Walmart Connect to help the company’s suppliers better plan for accommodating customers’ needs. Called Walmart Luminate Insights Activation, it’s a self-serve integration that pairs existing advanced targeting with Luminate’s insights, with a goal to drive product, brand and category sales.

During his interview, Dallaire explained the new offering will be available for suppliers to take advantage of by this year’s holiday season — and gave a look at the retail media environment.

“[It’s] essentially a link between the insights that you see around inventory and store events in the physical store – and the digital store as well – but applying those to Walmart Connect and our retail media network,” said Dallaire. “And that’s an important launch for us. It will be a closed beta [test], and then we’ll have a GA [general availability] launch by the end of the year – in time for our supplier partners to understand inventory positions or impact from the holidays.”

Here’s Dallaire’s full interview:

Digiday also spoke with Kroger’s director of integrated media, Kay Vizon, about some of that grocery chain’s expansion into retail media networks, and how it works with Kroger’s broader marketing and media efforts. She also touched on how Kroger approaches brand safety to avoid MFAs, from working with Jounce Media to using Ebiquity.

Here are Vizon’s comments:

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