At the Digiday Hot Topic: Future of TV event last week in New York City, we sat down with over 60 media, television, and advertising executives from major companies to better understand the OTT landscape. Check out our earlier research on top performing OTT and online TV services here. Learn more about our upcoming events here.

Quick takeaways:

  • Only 32 percent of respondents believe programmatic TV to currently be a viable advertising channel.
  • Lack of campaign measurement and attribution were the most often cited challenges associated with programmatic TV
  • Of people who said programmatic TV was three to five years away, 70 percent cited campaign measurement as its biggest challenge.
  • Programmatic TV ad spending is coming from a multitude of sources, but primarily from TV and digital budgets.

It seems those hungry for “the year of programmatic TV” might find themselves waiting a little longer.

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