Fans of “Billions” can pay Comcast, DirecTV or any one of their regional pay-TV operators to get Showtime as part of their monthly channel package. If they don’t have a cable or satellite subscription, it’s no longer a problem: They can go directly to and sign up for Showtime’s streaming app; if they own an Apple device they can sign up for Showtime’s app and pay through their iTunes account; or if they are an Amazon Prime member, they can add Showtime as an add-on through their Prime account.

As people increasingly seek out their favorite movies and TV shows through connected screens, media companies big and small have followed suit by ensuring that their content — and their brands — are available to stream in such environments. This is giving rise to a new crop of middlemen — from Apple to Walmart — that are hoping to catch the OTT wave by promising distribution and other key services to content owners, while simultaneously giving customers the benefit of convenience.

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