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The digital “store tax” levied by distributors such as iTunes and Android can be a hard pill to swallow for streaming video companies — even if many have accepted it as just the cost of doing business on those platforms.

The key hits:

  • Netflix recently bypassed the Apple iTunes tax of 30 percent (and 15 percent in subsequent years) by preventing new subscribers from signing up on iTunes.
  • There is growing pressure for Apple and Google to reduce the cut they take from in-app purchases through iTunes and Android’s app stores.
  • For video programmers, the economics are tough: a 30 percent tax, plus 10 to 15 percent of revenue going toward subscriber acquisition costs, plus content acquisitions and other costs make it hard to build a sustainable balance sheet.
  • For big companies such as Netflix, it’s less of an issue; for smaller programmers, the store tax has become just the cost of doing business.
  • Marketplaces/stores certainly provide value in everything from new audiences to billing services.
  • But new competition among other distributors is the only thing that will incentivize any distributor — from storefronts to channel resellers — to offer more favorable terms.

In December, Netflix instituted a workaround on the “Apple tax,” which takes a 30 percent cut of subscription revenue whenever someone signs up and pays for Netflix through their iTunes account. As it did with its Android app earlier in the year, Netflix made it impossible for new users to sign up for its service through iTunes — they now have to go directly to Netflix to do so, which Apple and Android don’t get to collect on. Netflix was reportedly paying $256 million per year in commissions to Apple. (After the first year, the iTunes tax goes down to 15 percent for all subscribers that haven’t churned out; the same goes for Android.)

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