How lack of motivation could be seen as a hindrance to solving programmatic fraud

The Possible conference got underway on Monday from Miami Beach, as did the Digiday studio.

One of the day’s guests, Index Exchange president and CEO Andrew Casale, outlined some of the main challenges to solving the problems of fraud in the programmatic world — the latest boogeyman being MFAs.

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What’s missing in today’s marketplace, Casale explained, is motivation to make changes with today’s tools that are available.

“We’ve come an incredibly long way from where we were 10 years ago — there’s so much more transparency in the marketplace than there ever was before,” said Casale. “The challenge that I see is that a lot of it isn’t really used … What I think is not being done is — there’s not enough companies leveraging the tools available, to actually start to discover where the money is going.”

Here’s the full interview with Casale, who also touched on what the industry needs to do to safeguard and prevent bad political ad information being disseminated through the programmatic system.

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