Windows Brand Takes You Through Secret Digital Door

Window and door brand Safestyle UK has decided to get a little bit out there with its latest marketing stunt.

The run-of-the-mill brand created a pretty cool interactive digital experience called “The Secret Door.” It’s a site that uses Google Streetview to take you through a “secret door” and inside some of the weirder, more interesting places on Google Maps. For example, when I tried it the first time, I saw inside what looked like an agency office, but all of the people had furry animal costume heads on. Yeah. Trippy. There is a button, “Take me somewhere else,” that lets you go someplace else random — I ended up in a foggy forest next — or you can go back to the secret door and start from the beginning. It’s a pretty fun, playful idea that virtually transports users to random destinations.

The funniest part is the quality of the brand’s actual site versus its Secret Door site. Miles apart. The “Secret Door” site is a nicely designed, modern digital experience, whereas looks like it’s fresh out of the ’90s.
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