The McWhopper, Smosh and Caitlyn Jenner: What you should know going into the weekend

We’ve recapped the buzziest news of this week in under a minute so you can sound just a little bit smarter at happy hour today.

Imagine a world in which we’ve bridged the divide and settled our differences. Imagine a world in which there’s … a McWhopper. Well, don’t hold your breath: Burger King approached McDonalds about a partnership, but the Golden Arches nixed the idea. Proceeds would have been donated to charity. Instead we’ll just have to watch the burger wars rage on.

Maybe they’ll be broadcast on Snapchat? The platform is expanding its roster of publishers. Now you get more daily snaps of all things food from Tastemade, games from IGN and news from Mashable.

Meanwhile, Uber appears to be edging into the public transportation game: In addition to door-to-door service, riders can now get picked up at a specific location along a designated route.

Or you could just stay in and watch Netflix where, coming soon, you’ll be able to watch “Smosh, the Movie.” Yikes. The streaming video platform is adding a slate of exclusive films and TV series catered to teenagers and tweens.

Online retailers including  Spirit Halloween, AnyTime Costumes and Wholesale Costume club are being slammed as selling a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume that many online found insensitive and transphobic.

Let us know if there’s anything you think we should know from this week.

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