Maison Kitsuné: What’s next for the brand that forecasted the future of fashion

On a Thursday night in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood, a line formed within the confines of a velvet rope outside of the Soho Grand Hotel. The guests, coddled in fur coats and standing upon spiky heeled boots, were early, waiting for 7 p.m. to head into a hidden room tucked away on the hotel’s second floor behind a thick curtain. When parted, the curtain revealed an intimate setting anchored by a DJ booth, illuminated with a neon sign reading “Kitsuné.”

The December 8 party was the last in the Kistuné Afterwork event series held in New York, hosted by Maison Kitsuné, the Parisian fashion and music label. To read the rest of this story, please visit Glossy.
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