ITV is going all in on addressable advertising with a plan to let advertisers use ad tech to buy its VOD content before the end of the year. Investing in addressable advertising is crucial to sustaining ad revenues  — Sky’s AdSmart, for example, has brought a long list of new advertisers into TV, and the future of media trading is in addressable and self-serve platforms.

The broadcaster is working with partners to develop the offer after a deal with ad tech firm Sorensen Media failed to materialize in 2018. Discussions are ongoing, said ITV’s CEO, Carolyn McCall, on the company’s earnings call today (Feb. 27), as the broadcaster looks to build a programmatic team capable of managing the yields from auctions. Managing those deals makes more commercial sense to McCall despite the hefty £40 million ($53 million) outlay if it means not having to sell addressable ads through Sky’s own Adsmart and subsequently give away too much commission.

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