‘It’s not just about 30-second spots’: Insights from the Digiday Video Marketing Summit

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You’ve heard it before: Marketers crave video. But what actually works, Tag Heuer Replica Watches and which channels and formats are the most effective in driving real business outcomes?

Agency and brand marketing executives gathered in Nashville at the first Digiday Video Marketing Summit to discuss the evolution of video advertising, sponsorships and branded content, and how leaders in the industry are making their video investments work. Digiday+ members can download an in-depth Event Briefing below, detailing highlights, key conversations and new tactics and strategies from the summit.

Key themes emerged over the course of the event.

Walled gardens are growing in OTT
OTT is the reality of video consumption. As MediaCom’s Charlie Fiordalis said, people aren’t just watching videos on a large screen; they watch on personal devices. That’s introduced problems with understanding data, but just because something is complicated doesn’t mean marketers shouldn’t address it.

It’s not just about 30-second spots
In a poll of 39 attendees, 54 percent said they produce 30-second videos the most compared to 5 percent with six seconds and 8 percent with 10 seconds. The rest selected a minute or more. But while 30 seconds is the most popular format, it doesn’t mean agencies should neglect other lengths.

Influencer marketing can work
Epic Signal’s Brendan Gahan titled his presentation, “Don’t Do Influencer Marketing,” but by that he meant don’t do it just for the sake of it, Cheap Tag Heuer Replica and don’t make the mistakes that many brands and agencies do when it comes to working with so-called influencers.

Digiday+ members can access the full Event Briefing below:


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