We grabbed @Media__Steph for 6 quick questions, and her responses were perfect :)

It takes a parody Twitter account to realize how terrible bloggers really are.

For the past few weeks, Media Steph (@Media__Steph) has been sending out perfect tweets encapsulating the tired turns of phrase that Internet writers can’t quit (Digiday included!), while lightly mocking the mechanics that goes into our day-to-day jobs. Phrases like “I can grab” abound; scrolling through Twitter to assemble the perfect roundup is core to the job.

Good grief.

While most parody Twitter accounts are awful, there’s something disturbingly amusing and engrossing about light-hearted Steph. She only has 600 followers, yet her tweets are a spot-on parody of the people, i.e. Media Twitter, that follow her — all capped off with that devious :) at the end of each tweet.

Even though the real person behind Steph didn’t want to be revealed, we pinged her anonymous alter ego for a quick-hit piece of content. Here’s what they wrote back. Let’s hope it goes viral! :)

So, Steph, why did you start this account?
I wanted to start the conversation we really should be having and reveal the surprising truth about various topics! :)

The account has been described as “transfixing” and “too real.” Why do you think your account resonate with Media Twitter?
Haha you perfectly summed it up in two quotes :) I think my account resonates with Media Twitter because I only pub content I know will perform well on social :) Sometimes I’ll spice things up and re-up evergreen content that performed well in the past! xoxo

You have such a can-do attitude! What’s your favorite part of blogging?
It definitely has to be reading the comments! :)

And what’s your least favorite part of blogging?
Sometimes the posts I think have legs on them don’t end up climbing to the top of Chartbeat. But as my grandma always said “you miss 100 percent of the posts you don’t grab!” :)

What’s your favorite type of post to grab?
Perf segue haha! John Oliver clips are incredible to grab. His truth bombs are a great way to start off a Monday morning and I always have fun mulling heds for them. I also love repackaging powerful features as news items :) I’m never aggravated when I’m aggregating! haha

Do you have any tips for young journalists that want to build their brand?
Reach out! Reaching out always feels amazing :) I would also recommend going dark for a few hours and deciding which images on the Internet are “same,” which are “it me” and which are “me and bae.” Once you do that, hit pub and watch the favs roll in! Enjoy :)


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