Barbarians Help You Get Your Party On

A big part of agency culture, besides ping pong tables in the office, is, of course, drinking. It might start at the office bar or around the beer fridge, but after a long day’s work of trying to please a client, sometimes you have to go hit the nearest bar.

That’s why The Barbarian Group has created a new Foursquare-powered app called Rager that helps you find the nearest place to get a drink, a slice of pizza after drinking and a ride home after the night is done.

Jill Nussbaum, executive director of product and interaction design at The Barbarian Group, took time to answer questions about their new app.

Where did the idea for the app come from? 
The idea for the app was the result of an empty bottle of Jameson’s. Not really — it actually came from using Foursquare all the time and an interest in making our favorite parts of the experience better. Foursquare’s “explore” functionality lets you see the places that your friends go to the most, which is the best way to find new places that you’ll like, so we thought we could leverage their API to help us out with a problem that Barbarians frequently encounter — what bar should we go to next?

How exactly does the app work? 
All you need is a Foursquare account, and then you can connect to Rager at When you check in to a bar in NYC, Rager will give you recommendations for another bar or a pizza place nearby. Bar recommendations come in two flavors: places that your friends go to often or a spot that Barbarians recommend. When the evening is done and you’re in need of transportation home, Rager connects you to to mitigate the often-inevitable challenge of snagging a NYC cab ride home.

What are some of TBG’s favorite bars to hit up after work? 
Toad Hall, AnotherRoom, Walkers. Oh, and The Brandy Library when we’re feeling fancy.

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