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  • Marketers turn up the heat on the duopoly

    The duopoly is on our minds -- and on marketers’ minds, too. In this week's edition of The Rundown: Marketers start to fight back, Snapchat’s media problem and more.

  • How Jessica Lessin used her reporting chops to build The Information

    Not all journalists make good CEOs, but every aspect of the tech news startup, from its membership model to events, bears the stamp of its founder and her journalism experience.

  • German publishers are skipping Facebook’s fake-news initiative

    “When you ask five questions, Facebook has the answer to none of them,” said one publishing exec. “The initiative appears to be set up by amateurs."

  • Confessions of a black agency employee: ‘I want help’

    Diversity in advertising remains a sore topic. Even as there are more top-down approaches to promote women, minorities, and people from different backgrounds in the industry, a lot needs to be done for those at the bottom. In this edition of Confessions, a young black employee says that there needs to be more people to champion them in this industry. "As a younger person, who wants to increase or infuse the industry with creative talent as much as I can, I want to look up to them. They’re so few of them. I want to be able to say, “I want help. There are so many of us down here who want to move up in the world and want to create change. It would be nice if we could be involved in some way.”

  • Bright spot for Twitter: Publishers are seeing video views jump

    Twitter video views for news publishers are growing by as much as four or six times what they were mid last year. That said, Twitter viewership is still in the millions -- not billions. On Twitter, publishers can monetize from day one, which has helped drive incremental revenue as publishers syndicate existing clips on the platform. Twitter, meanwhile, also wants to work with publishers for live events coverage, which reached 31 million uniques last quarter.

  • Inside the officeless media agency where 75 percent of the staff is female

    Goodway Group, a programmatic media buying and planning agency, is staffed with remote workers. And 75 percent of them are female. Jay Friedman, chief operating officer for Goodway, explained how this remote working model works for his company.

  • 36 percent of publishers are wading into VR and AR

    We asked our publisher VIPs at September's Digiday Publishing Summit whether they've broken the surface of virtual or augmented reality video. The numbers show that the nascent technology has a long way to go before reaching saturation – but it's definitely on its way. Brought to you by Digiday Pulse.

  • Inside YouTube’s big bet on Red

    YouTube is spending millions of dollars to buy original content for YouTube Red. A year in, YouTube Red reportedly has 2.5 million subscribers, which means it has a long way to go. But don’t count out the site that’s become a global cultural force. This article is from the third issue of Pulse, Digiday's new magazine examining the shifts driving digital media and marketing.