Welcome to the New Digiday

As you probably noticed, we have a new look. Digiday is kicking off the new year with a new design to its website and a new content-management platform. The result, we hope, is a clean, modern appearance that makes it easy and enjoyable to visit. In the meantime, please excuse all the bugs and blemishes.

The site is divided into two main sections. The right side of every page of the site has what we call The River. This is where all pieces of content enter chronologically. The River follows people around the site, dynamically updating as we produce new content. The left side of homepage and category pages is where we feature our best and most popular content. Think of this as where we highlight the winners. Many thanks to Percolate co-founder Noah Brier, who helped inspire this approach by pointing to the concept of “stock and flow.” Each of our six categories functions as a publication of its own. They have a main story that’s featured along with a slider that has the most recent articles in that area and the most popular stories.The design is meant to be minimal, with ample white space to allow content room to breathe. When looking at other industry sites, I’m often struck by how cluttered they are, frenetically throwing up headline after headline in a way that seems to obscure what’s important and what’s not. We strive to have content that’s honest and unique. This design is meant to reflect that.

Digiday was lucky enough to have a wonderful team make this site a reality. We worked with SheSays, an innovative global network of creative women, to use its Shout creative collaboration platform. Through Shout we got many awesome concepts for a new Digiday, including a wonderful design from the very talented Norah O’Brien that has become our site. (You can see the other mockups here.) Alessandra Lariu and Amanda Jaskiewicz have a great thing going at SheSays. Our site is built on WordPress, thanks to the patient and diligent development work by Bob Kim of Tiger + Rat. We are very fortunate to have found such great people.

The site will change in the days to come. We’ll find some things that work, some that don’t. We are still loading our old content into our new CMS. This will take some time. As with everything, please tell us what we can do better. Email me, tweet us, or leave a comment below with your thoughts. Thanks a lot for visiting us.


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