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Digiday is in Los Angeles for one more day for Digiday Mobile. The focus of Digiday Mobile is closing the mobile gap. Mobile media gets a lot of buzz, but the budgets haven’t followed. The conference explores the potential and the pitfalls of mobile marketing and asks whether the third screen will take center stage or be relegated to mini-Web status and limited to mini-Web budgets. Highlights of the day include a brand perspective from Time Warner Cable’s Rob Roy; a panel of “buyers speaking out”; and debate on mobile privacy. The event kicks off at 10 am PST (1 pm EST). You can watch it live on our homepage or on our Livestream channel. See the full agenda below.

10:00am: The Brand View: Mobile As Marketing Force

Mobile has long held great potential for marketers in the future. In fact, it’s already a key driver of business results. Rob Roy, VP and GM of e-commerce at Time Warner Cable, will discuss how mobile is a rising star in its digital portfolio — and what the industry needs to do to move up the chain even more with marketers.
Moderator: Brian Morrissey, Editor-in-Chief, Digiday @bmorrissey
Speaker: Rob Roy, VP & GM of e-commerce, Time Warner Cable


10:30am: The iPad Do-Over
Publishers are excited for the iPad for the simple reason it’s not desktop publishing. On the Web, ad space was quickly commoditized. Tablets allow the possibility of publishers clawing back pricing power, thanks to its relative scarcity and the far more attractive creative formats that will appeal more to brands than generic display advertising. Will these trends continue, or will tablet publishing follow the path of its desktop predecessor into commoditization?
Moderator: Jack Marshall, Mobile Editor, Digiday @jackmarshall
Sean Atkins, SVP of  Digital Media, Discovery  @atkinssean
Paul Bremer, Chief Revenue Officer, Rhythm NewMedia
Pat McCormack, VP of Mobile Sales and Strategy, Weather Channel

11:15am: Netbiscuits Dialog: Beyond App-Only Mobile Strategies
Consumer expectations are changing. User interfaces are going touch and motion-enabled. Scrolling is passe. Netbiscuits U.S. Managing Director Craig Besnoy joins Digiday’s Editor-in-Chief Brian Morrissey to discuss how the modern publisher can use adaptive design to craft a mobile strategy that goes far beyond just rolling out an app.
Brian Morrissey, Editor-in-Chief, Digiday @bmorrissey
 Craig Besnoy, Managing Director-North America, Netbiscuits

11:45am: Networking Break Sponsored by StrikeAd

12:00pm: Buyers Speak Out
By some measures, mobile is gobbling up more time than the desktop Internet. But it remains just a small percentage of the amount spent on Internet advertising. How can the industry overcome the challenges that remain to unlock brand budgets? Or will mobile remain a poor imitation of the desktop Web?
Moderator: Sean X, Founder & Difference Maker, SXC Marketing @seanx
Cass Baker, EVP-Telecommunications Industry Practice and Product Development, Leapfrog Online
Vik Kathuria, Managing Partner & EVP-Digital Investment Group, Mediacom Interaction
Angela Steele, CEO, Ansible 


12:45pm-1:15pm: Lunch Pickup

1:15pm: Lunch Workshop with Dataxu: Cracking the Mobile Code
Beyond the hype, mobile advertising is quietly (but materially) maturing and closing the gap between high expectations and real capability and results. The ecosystem is maturing, in great part led by RTB, which is enabling real-time decision-making to drive massive gains in efficiency and liquidity. Value drivers like rich media and private exchanges are enhancing the value of impressions while driving up demand. A broad set of business levers and controls are enabling publishers and developers to scale through RTB. Advertisers are “cracking the code” of how to take advantage of mobile and fit mobile into their strategic marketing plans. These are all important building blocks, and they are all working together to advance mobile advertising and close the gap between potential and reality.
Moderator: Drew Carter, Managing Director, Alix Partners
Lara Mehanna, GM Mobile, DataXu
Victor Milligan, CMO, Nexage

1:45pm: Hypebusters: Beware of Mobile Pixie Dust
Zugara CEO Matt Szymczyk had enough with agency work and transformed into a software development company.  He shifted his entire Web design agency away from working on ad campaigns to a startup focused on augmented reality software with emphasis on e-commerce. Szymczyk explains why mobile AR is overhyped and why even for e-commerce, or m-commerce, mobile still has a ways to go.
Speaker: Matt Szymczyk, CEO, Zugara  @KobraKai

2:15pm: Fireside Chat: What Publishers Can Learn from Gaming
Gaming is one of the most popular uses of mobile. With all that attention, it is poised to be a major advertising vehicle. And yet many game developers are skipping standard mobile ads in favor of new approaches that fit better into the game experience. Industry leaders explain why gaming is showing the future for how content publishers will weave brands into their offerings.
Moderator: Jack Marshall, Mobile Editor, Digiday @jackmarshall
Chris Cunningham, CEO, Appssavvy  @chrisappssavvy
Brian Wong, CEO, Kiip  @brian_wong

2:45pm: Break

3:15pm: Debate: Mobile is a Privacy Time Bomb
It appears as though the digital media industry escaped the most onerous of privacy regulations over behavioral advertising. The same might not be true when it comes to mobile, where tracking is far more sensitive because location can have serious consequences. Does this have the chance of grinding the still-nascent mobile ad industry to a halt, or are fears of this overblown and likely to pass, just like they did in the desktop world?
Moderator: Sean X, Founder & Difference Maker, SXC Marketing @seanx
Chris Babel, CEO, TRUSTe  @TRUSTe
Leslie Dunlap, VP, Privacy, Policy and Trust, Yahoo!

4:00pm: Pecha Kucha Presentation
Engage Users Before a Click
Sunayana Bedi, VP Business Development, GoldSpot Media


4:15pm: Creative Sandbox: The Best in Mobile
Mobile is much more than tiny banner ads on a tiny screen. It is opening up new avenues for the best creative minds to find relevant, entertaining and useful ways to connect with consumers and even improve their lives. Three top creatives share their favorite uses of mobile.
Moderator: Jack Marshall, Mobile Editor, Digiday @jackmarshall
Dylan Schwartz, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, LA
Peter Reid, Creative Director, HUGE, LA 

4:45pm: Cocktails and Networking

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