Video: Local Media Consortium’s Fran Wills wants Apple to become a better local news partner

When it comes to Apple, Local Media Consortium CEO, Fran Wills, believes there is still work to be done before the company becomes true allies to small and local publishers.

LMC is a group made up of over seventy-five local newspapers, broadcast stations and digital outlets, and according to Wills, the publishers she represents are not being serviced by the current terms of Apple News.

“Right now, I think there is an opportunity for there to be some more advantageous terms for publishers. Obviously, they’ve come to market with a 50-50 revenue share, and they keep all the consumer data, so I will be in when we can talk to them about having terms that are more favorable to local publishers.”

To discuss this and more, we caught up with Wills at the Digiday Publishing Summit for a quick game of in and out. Watch below.
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