Turn Adds DMP

Turn, a demand-side platform, today launches its data-management platform, the Turn Audience Platform.

The move is part of a scramble by DSPs to differentiate and add more services. With the DMP, Turn’s agency customers will be able to construct plans by pulling in their own data and that of third-party providers, like Bluekai and Clearspring. The DMP also handles offline data, both a client’s own and that from third parties like Experian.

“Turn’s Audience Platform will enable brands to connect with their audiences more efficiently  and allocate ad spend more intelligently,” stated Phillip Smolin, Turn’s vp of product marketing. “We are creating a strong focus on audience discovery to integrate online and offline data. We don’t want to just providing gateway, but create an open ecosystem.”

According to Smolin, Turn’s new platform is one of the few DMPs to offer “a marriage between online and offline data” through multichannel attribution analysis. Turn Audience Platform client’s ability to access analytics from real-time bidding from the Turn’s DSP or other DSPs that a client might choose to work with. Smolin states that the platform is also designed to protect consumer privacy, maintaining a “church and state separation between personally identifiable information and audience insights.
The multichannel marketing solution marketers were promised over a decade ago is finally becoming a reality, and Turn is focused on making our clients and partners more informed,” said Bill Demas, President and CEO of Turn.
Turn Audience Platform will be one of the largest DMPs in the industry, processing more than 500 billion audience data events every month and will be available in North America and Europe on July 13.

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