Time to Get on the Tumblr Train

The Tumblr Trend: We told you about how Tumblr is really blowing up. It’s not just publications, businesses, and celebs who are starting their own Tumblrs. Government agencies are getting on the Tumblr train too. The State Department to the National Archives, Peace Corps and General Services Administration are using Tumblr to promote transparency and to reach a broader international audience (because about 60 percent of Tumblr users our outside of the U.S.). Do you have a Tumblog? If not, you better get with it, unless you want to get left behind in the social media dust. Social Times 

New to Twitter: Guess who you can follow on Twitter now? Vice President Joe Biden! Follow him @VP (someone got lucky with that nice, short Twitter handle). SAI

Google Stats: It’s been in the wild for just a week, but Google new social network already has its own popularity contest. Someone went to the trouble to rank the top 100 Google+ users according to number of followers. Guess who is number one? Hint: he knows a thing or two about social networks. Social Statistics

Video of the Day: Can’t decide if this is creepy or cute.

Tumblr of the Day: See Apple and Samsung, copying someone is just a form of flattery. Here is a Tumblr full of cover songs. Copy Cats


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