The Signal: Vizio’s Tablet Play

Vizio Tablet is a Winner: Get ready for iPad competition that isn’t iPad competition, which is why it really does have a chance against the iPad in the large-screen tablet market. It’s the new Vizio tablet coming out next month, and it only costs $350. The lower price point is where Vizio has the edge: it’s not trying to be the new iPad, it’s answering to a different demographic and its needs. Think of the many scenarios in which purchasing tablets in bulk would be necessary, like for schools, retailers who want to use tablets for in-store retail experience, or restaurants who want to use tablets for the menus —this is where the Vizio tablet comes in.  Business Insider

iPad Favoritism: According to tests by Blaze Software, it looks like the top 500 webites are catering more to the iPad than to Android tablets. Why is this? It’s mostly because Androids are newer than iPads, and many websites just haven’t gotten around to setting up Android-specific pages. Another issue is variety; it’s harder for websites to support Android devices because there are so many versions of tablets and phones that run on that operating system. Network World

Closing Down: Nokia announced that it is shutting down its online stores in the UK, Spain, and France. The company claims that this has nothing to do with poor sales. TechCrunch

Yahoo Joins App Discovery: Yahoo thinks it can help with the app discovery challenge and has launched its own app discovery website and app, AppSpot. GigaOm

Tapjoy Moves to Android: Paid distribution provider Tapjoy has started a $5 million Tapjoy Android Fund to help developers port existing apps to Android. This is because since April, Apple has declined to approve iOS apps that use Tapjoy pay-per-install ads. All Things D

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