The Signal: New Use for iPads

Apple Goes Paperless: Apple has started using iPad2’s as signage in Apple stores instead of good old-fashioned paper. This could definitely catch on in other retail stores and other commercial settings like restaurants, salons, and who knows where else. HuffPo

More iPhone5 Rumors: The latest in iPhone5 buzz is that it may have a curved screen! Oh the possibilities. Forbes

Cool App: This new app aims to make specialized searching easier: Do@ (pronounced “do at”) is an app for iPhone that lets you run searches through multiple apps, even ones you don’t have. Do@ lets you search for specific things within different categories, and depending on what category, gives you results through appropriate sources like Yelp, Google Maps, Foursquare, etc. For example, if you search cookie @recipes, Do@ will give you results from web-based recipe apps the Food Network, Chow, etc. Wired

Put it on my Tab: Square is a new and quickly growing mobile payment start-up.  Square has just added a new feature that allows customers to have merchants put transactions on their tab. Bye-bye carrying credit cards and swiping at registers, (hello impulse buys and overspending). WSJ

Comcast Streaming: Comcast just released an update to its Xfinity iOS app that enables streaming access to the Xfinity on-demand library on iPhones and iPod Touch (iPad users already had this feature). This means a lot of new streaming content for iPhone and iPod Touch, but of course, there’s a catch: only users who pay for Comcast’s digital home TV service will have access to the mobile streaming service. TechCrunch

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