The Signal: Mobile Coupon Mania


Coupon Craze: Everyone wants to get a good deal; we live in a coupon, daily deals age, and mobile marketers are ready to take advantage of this by developing more ways to get coupons to customers and ways for customers to redeem these discounts from merchants. AdAge


Bunny Ears for iPad:  It’s official: Playboy uncensored is coming to an iPad near you, May 18. Hef tweeted the new himself. The question is whether or not it will be sold through the Apple App store, which does not allow porn.  Techland

NFC Now: Google has teamed up with Foursquare to make near field communication check-ins possible via poster at Google’s annual I/O conference. Cool. You just need a phone that has NFC capabilities, then you just hold your phone up to one of the Foursquare posters, which will have NFC chips embedded in them, and then you will be checked-in. TechCrunch


Google is Hiring: It looks like Google wants to get its mobile wallet payment system for Android devices up and running sooner rather than later. Google has begun actively recruiting for a new person to head the marketing of its mobile wallet and offers division. TNW


Cydia Search: Planet-iPhones’ new app Cydia Search lets owners of jailbroken devices search for jailbroken apps on the infamous Cydia Store.  Endgadget
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