The Signal: Apple’s Location Controversy Continues

Apple Location Issues: In response to all of the location data controversy, Apple has just released iOS 4.3.3 specifically to address the location data storage problems. This update limits the amount of location data that is stored on iOS devices. Apple says more updates will come to further fix location data concerns. RWW More and more students around the world have acess to mobile technology and bring mobile technology to school. Check out these four ways that mobile tech is helping education. Mashsable


Too Many Tabs: If you are not Apple and you are a tablet maker, you probably have a lot of excess inventory. With Apple’s iPad and iPad2 dominating the tablet market, there isn’t much room for competitors. At this point there are too many tablet makers and not enough demand (for tablets other than iPads). So if you are thinking about launching a new tablet product, don’t. PC Mag


Mobile Payment Shift: Mobile carriers are shifting their strategy when it comes to developing mobile payment systems. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile had originally chosen Discover to be the credit card payment partner; but now it looks as though the carriers are planning to set up a “mobile wallet” system with Visa and Mastercard. CNET 


iPad 2 Ad: Although it doesn’t need advertising help, here is Apple’s iPad 2 ad. Check it out.
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