The Feed: Why Tina Fey Hates the Web


Meme For All: The people of the interweb have turned a picture of Tina Fey’s daughter into an Internet meme. Ugh. Memes are really annoying. Her daughter is really cute and that is quite the spring in her step she’s got there, but why must that image be ruined by being turned into a stupid meme? This is only bound to irk Fey more about the web. She said on NPR’s Fresh Air the other day that the Internet is a “repository of human garbage.” urlesque

Which is Worse?: We told you about how Jay-Z launched his lifestyle site Life + Times, and how Gwyneth Paltrow has her own annoying site GOOP. Well now they have done this cute thing where they interviewed each other for each of their celebrity lifestyle that most people can’t afford sites. Who is worse? Gwyn or Shawn Carter (as he would prefer to be called on his website)? The Feed calls it a tie.



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YouTube Copyright School: Don’t drink and drive, and don’t violate copyright laws on YouTube, because both offenses will lead to school and tests to show that you learned your lesson. In the case of YouTube copyright violators, you get to watch these cartoons tell you about YouTube copyright laws. Too bad Evan Emory couldn’t just do some kind of YouTube school instead of jail time. Politico



Chocolate Rain: Wait, is that who I think that is? Indeed, that’s Tay Zonday, the baritone-voiced, babyfaced man behind 2007 Internet viral sensation Chocolate Rain. Zonday swung by DIGIDAY: VIDEO UPFRONT in Los Angeles, taking in sessions and indulging the curious in conversations, photos and even this impromptu video where Zonday acted as the interviewer.

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