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Tumblr of the Day: Gnome Life. (Cute idea, but he must not be very cute if he has to wear a gnome mask around all the time…just saying).




Luxe Living: Hey iPad 2 owner, since you already just dropped some money on your new toy, why not drop some more? Like $8 million more for a 24-carat gold alloy, diamonds, Ammolite and T. Rex thigh bone iPad 2 case. Adfreak




Internet Version of the Blowup Doll Girlfriend: Are you desperate for a girlfriend but don’t know how to get one? Do you fit the criteria below?

a. You spend too much time on your computer to meet a real girl.

b. You have no social skills (a condition usually associated with a.), so that even if you did meet a real girl, she wouldn’t want to date you.

c. You are insecure about a. and b.

d. You like using social networking sites.

If you circled more than one of the above, then sorry, you are looking at a lonely life ahead of you. But don’t worry, thanks to Cloud Girlfriend, no one has to know how dorky and alone you really are! Cloud girlfriend is a virtual (fake) social network girlfriend. All you have to do is define your ideal girlfriend and Cloud Girlfriend will “create” her and allow you to interact with her via social networking sites so it looks like you have a long-distance relationship to the rest of your Facebook friends (if you have any).


RIP Hipster Runoff: See, making fun of hipsters really is over. Say bye-bye to infamous pop culture blog Hipster Runoff whose anonymous creator “Carles” announced that he would no longer keep the blog going because “I am just a slave to boring alt memes. It’s probably time to move on and find a real career & some challenges that can actually make the world a better place.” Good luck with that.

Update: Ugh, Hipster Runoff is back. Hipster Runoff





Video of the Day: Justin Bieber and Slipknot together at last.

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