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TV viewers have long accepted a simple trade-off: To watch your favorite shows, you’re going to have to sit through commercials. Even though you’re paying a fee for every channel as part of your cable TV bundle subscription, commercials are part of the ballgame.

The rise of DVRs put a dent in this bargain, showing that people were willing to take matters into their own hands to avoid ads. Now, with the rise of Netflix and others, people can just pay to avoid TV spots. Networks are noticing. This summer, AMC, the network behind “The Walking Dead,” “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men,” launched AMC Premiere, a $5-per-month streaming channel that allows you to watch current shows commercial-free. Less than two months later, FX, home of “American Horror Story” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” launched a similar ad-free subscription streaming channel, FX+.

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