Snapchat is everywhere and nowhere at Cannes

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In a clear indication of how overboard people go at Cannes, there were, at last count, nine Snapchat geofilters in the vicinity of the Croisette. There’s a geofilter with this year’s festival tagline, “Thank You Creativity,” a couple different ones with the Cannes Lions logo, one that has used the logo to create a psychedelic, arrow-filled filter, and a few that just say Cannes, France. 

IMG_1285 IMG_1284 IMG_1283

The platform has taken out ad space at Nice airport, along the Croisette, and has a giant billboard right above the Palais des Festivals. There’s also a Cannes Lions live story people can add too to include scenes from their very busy days — although it’s mostly scenes of magnum bottles of rosé.

Snapchat itself has no physical representation here, even though CEO Evan Spiegel spoke at last year’s Lions. Spiegel appeared on the main stage talking about advertising and how it fit with his company along with Cosmo’s editor in chief, Joanna Coles. (He also charmed everyone with his trademark giggle on stage.)

The fact that Snapchat has the “live” element makes it perfect for Cannes, said Jean Lin, CEO at Isobar. “Snapchat works here because it’s giving you a tour of all that’s happening in a live way,” he said. “There’s so much going on that it helps to not miss out on anything.”

The platform declined to comment on the record about its involvement this year, but according to one observer, a couple of teens not attending the festival stopped by the Palais and tried to get in because they saw the Snapchat logo atop it.

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