Short Takes


  • Angel investor and co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman sees data as the key to the future. He says that entrepreneurs and technologists who seek innovation need to understand the nuances of data in the information age. Fast Company
  • If Google needs data, it throws a party. Seventy Kenyan women went to a Google-sponsored ladies mapping party at Nairobi’s iHub in February to help fill in missing local information like schools, markets, and roads. RWW
  • Social media analytics: study shows that Facebook likes are more profitable than Tweets. Mashable
  • You put it out there, they monitor and sell it. Who owns social media data, you or Big Data services companies? PC World
  • The EU Commission is proposing more extensive amendments to data privacy laws including ‘the right to be forgotten’, which would allow users of services like Facebook to have their personal data completely erased. ITProPortal
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