Should You Redesign Your Website? 4 User-Friendly Flowcharts

Hard though it may be to believe, not all publishers have undertaken a redesign to make their websites easier to navigate  and responsive to mobile.

But, that’s okay! If you’ve been wondering whether you’re prime for a makeover, we’ve come up with a helpful series of flowcharts to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

This is increasingly a mobile-first worldso you’re going to want to be sure your site is responsive.


Banner ads, while still ubiquitous, have become a nuisance. They’re not responsive, tend not to work all that well, and are, in general, an eyesore. Time to change it up!


Who doesn’t love a good “Welcome Ad,” those interstitials that pop-up and keep readers from getting to the content they came for? Answer: everyone.


Slideshows, while sometimes showcasing awesome examples of photojournalism or hilarious snapshots, should never be a crutch.


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