Platform Preview: Webtrends’ Makeover

The popularity of infographics online shows that data, presented in an interesting way, can have a cool factor. Webtrends wants to tap into that vogue with its new analytics platform which will formally debut in April.

Webtrends has been busy of late creating strategic alliances in the data industry, such as its partnership with Empirical Path, addressing earlier consumer chatter about a sometimes unwieldily user interfact. Analytics 10 is a new incarnation entirely and focuses on the digital channel mix — social, mobile and site — and the flood of data that flows from each.

Analytics 10 pulls real-time data and blends it, as most solid analytics platforms do, into a single, user-friendly dashboard. The platform however attempts to go beyond Webtrends’ tagged data and analyze 3rd party data from Facebook,, Apple and PostRank. Analytics 10 also merges cross-campaign management into the mix, with metrics access across the channels.

The challenge for web analytics firms has long been getting their products used more frequently within companies. The new look for Webtrends can’t hurt.

Webtrends’ Analytics 10 will launch in April.

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