Live Tweeting Gone Too Far?

#oversharing: This is what society has come to. Ugh. Mary Wycherly, a photographer and former indie rocker, live tweeted what should be one of the most personal and most important life experiences: childbirth. That’s right, Mary (@marytwocats) tweeted throughout her labor until she got too busy giving birth, at which point she had her husband, Martin Carr, former frontman of the shoegaze band the Boo Radleys, take over the live tweeting. Their tweets weren’t even that gross (except for the amniotic fluid stuff) or annoying, some even, dare I say … entertaining? But seriously, do people really need to be tweeting during childbirth? Come on, keep your hands off of your smartphone or computer and your comments and musings to yourself during this life-changing experience. Please. Oh, also, they named their daughter Sailor. Gawker

Hoax Alert: It turns out that video I posted the other day of the woman in the Netherlands who has 152 Facebook friends tattooed on her is actually a hoax. Thank god. The tattoo artist in the video admitted to Dutch papers that it was a publicity stunt and that the tattoos on the woman were actually temporary tats. The Next Web

WTF of the Day: Tennessee is trying to shield its citizens’ innocent eyes from online images that  “frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress” and, to that end, has passed a law that makes it a criminal offense to publish “distressing” images.  Offenders can face up to a year of jail time or up to $2500 in fines. Talk about unconstitutional. Ars technica

Facebook Sting Op: An Indiana woman stuck in a nasty custody battle decided to show her ex-husband’s true colors via Facebook.  She made a fake Facebook profile posing as a 17-year-old girl and friended her ex, who ended up divulging plans to go away with the kids and also to arrange a hit on his ex-wife. What a pervy idiot! Definitely a good idea to share criminally implicating secrets with a 17-year-old girl … “OK, Jess, I know this goes without saying, but pinky promise on your bedazzled iPhone that you won’t tell anyone about this, OK?” Idiot. The Smoking Gun

Video of the Day: If you haven’t seen it already, here is the security camera footage of a drunk Brit’s epic journey home (hopefully).

*update: So it looks like that video has been taken down, so here is another drunk Brit video in it’s stead.

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