The ad server, arbiter of which ad runs where, has become more important for TV networks in managing their widely dispersed digital inventory, unifying their traditional and digital ad sales and maximizing their revenue across both their linear TV channels and over-the-top streaming properties.

For Univision, the video ad server is central to the TV network’s push to migrate more of its direct sales to programmatic guaranteed in 2019. It was also instrumental in Univision adopting programmatic for its video sales in the third quarter of 2018, according to Matt Kaplan, svp of digital ad sales at Univision. In the spring, Univision began using Google’s Google Ad Manager ad server because it’s more capable of managing the network’s YouTube inventory than an ad server not owned by Google — “for obvious reasons,” Kaplan said. That move has enabled Univision to aggregate its digital video inventory across YouTube, third-party syndication partners such as Verizon Media Group (née Oath) and its own digital properties.

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