Infographic: Surprise! Maine Tops in Tablet Users

Jumptap just released findings from its latest MobileSTAT report. One of the most interesting findings from the report is that tablets are going broad. You might think they’re the preserve of young urbanites in New York and San Francisco. But the top state is actually Maine. Others have noticed this. The Daily publisher Greg Clayman told a Digiday Mobile conference last month that the typical user is between 35 and 50. “You might think it’s hipsters in Williamsburg, but it’s their parents in Winnetka,” he said.

The Jumptap report found that Maine residents were four times as likely to use a tablet than other U.S. mobile users. Interestingly, as the report points out, the higher tablet usage in Maine was likely due to the “high concentration of wealthy non-residents enjoying tablet time” on vacation in Maine in August. Location is clearly an important element when it comes to tablets. As the report found, location targeting has moved up to become advertisers’ number one most popular method of targeting users on the Jumptap network, over device or handset specific targeting.

Image via Jumptap
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