Infographic: Social Sharing Over the Years

Nowadays social sharing is just another routine daily activity, like brushing your teeth — except most people share things online way more than they brush their teeth. However, the ways in which we share content online have changed over the years. To give you and idea just how much has changed, according to data collected by Clearspring from AddThis, in 2008 the top sharing plaform was MySpace (hard to believe now), followed by Facebook and email. Over the past three years, Facebook has reigned supreme followed by email. What is surprsing is that in 2011 (so far), printing out content is the third most popular way to share content. But forget about sharing platforms; one of the most important findings from Clearspring’s data anlysis is that sharing online content through the address bar, as in the good old cutting and pasting of a URL, happens 10 times more than any other type of sharing.

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