Infographic: Brands Are Not on the Same Page as Consumers

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It looks like brands and consumers are not on the same page when it comes to social media. Brands are looking for their Sally Fields moment with consumers when it comes to their social media presence. Consumers, they just want the coupons. When asked what they do when they interact with companies/business/brands on social media sites, consumers responded that getting discounts or coupons and purchasing products and services were their top two activities. This is in stark contrast to what brands thought consumers wanted form them on their social media sites: Brand execs responded that they thought learning about new products and getting general information were the top two interests of consumers who visit brands’ social media pages and that discounts and purchases were the two activities that consumers were least interested in. It seems that brands are a little bit delusional or at least sweetly naïve when it comes to understanding what consumers want from them on social media sites. As IBM put it:

Businesses hoping to foster closer customer connections through social media conversations may be mistakenly projecting their own desires for intimacy onto customers’ motivations for interacting.

It seems that brands are like the clueless, dorky rich guy who thinks that his hot, younger girlfriend really loves him for him and not just the nice things he gives her. Sorry to break it to you, brands, but consumers want something in return for their likes — and not just a nice conversation.




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