Give Your Startup Some Fake Cred

Have you created the next Foursquare or Facebook, but no one knows about it yet? Are you the founder of a niche social ecommerce site for snowshoeing enthusiasts that is sure to change the face of ecommerce and snowshoeing forever but you just need to get some good press coverage first?

Look no further. The Startup Legitimizer is all you need. It’s a free press module generator. As the site explains, “The Startup Legitimizer lets you quickly embed a press module so you have people thinking, ‘Hey they were in a brief Techcrunch write up, they must be the real deal!'”

You can choose your own custom module from two columns: “Kind of Legit,” which includes publications like Buzzfeed, Wired, Mashable and Business Insider; or “Really Legit,” which includes Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times, The Economist and others. There are also pre-made packages like “Disrupters” and “Game Changers.”

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