In the summer issue of Digiday magazine, we spoke to Google’s head of news, Richard Gingras, about how the company sees its responsibility to the news business, how Google is different from Facebook in its treatment of publishers and why he thinks direct payments to them is a bad idea. The interview has been edited and condensed.

Google News made a series of updates in May. What’s their significance in this day and age?
We’ve always felt news was an important component of what Google does. So it was important to enable sustainable success in the ecosystem, or make sure consumers have all the tools and information they need to understand complex issues. The update was done with very much with that in mind. The key characteristics we were trying to get across were: How do we keep people up to date with current events, give them the ability to go deep and have a diverse set of sources about any given issue? How do we give people the depth of perception so they can be smarter for it? And be able to enjoy and support sources they have an affinity for.

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