Facebook reveals a redesigned Like button for websites

Facebook’s ubiquitous Like button is finally getting a modern look.

Facebook is ditching the social network’s “F” and replacing it with a thumbs up button in an attempt to boost engagement and load quickly more on mobile. Compare the old button (left) and the new button (right), below:

From Facebook.
From Facebook.

“Our hypothesis was that more people would understand the thumbs up icon on the Like button,” Facebook said, explaining that the redesigned version had to be brighter and bolder since 30 percent of Like button impressions happens on mobile. Last year, it completely redesigned its logo with mobile in mind. A full 82 percent of its ad revenue comes from mobile.

In addition to the Like button, the Share, Follow, and Save to Facebook buttons are all getting a similar new look. Facebook is telling publishers that the new suite of buttons will soon appear live in Instant Articles, too.

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