Digital Memorials Come to Gchat

Gchat Memories: The digital age has changed so much about how we experience and deal with life’s ups and downs. There are now so may digital dimensions that we must take into account, for better or for worse, when someone we love passes away. Not only are Facebook pages and Twitter accounts reminders (and digital assets that need to be considered in wills) of the deceased, but so are Gchat records. In this touching article, the author Rebecca Armendariz shares her experience of taking care of her boyfriend who was dying of cancer and weaves in bits of their Gchat exchanges, which both serve as a sad record of his battle with cancer and also as a heartwarming and invaluable testimony of their love. Clearly these digital footprints that people leave behind once they’ve gone, like any other personal effects, become bittersweet keepsakes. Good

Craigslist Find of the Day: If you are an adult baby (yes, that is a thing, just like furries are a real thing), or to be more precise, a paraphilic infantalist, then here is a Craigslist goody for you. There is a casting call posted for an educational series seeking “individuals who are active members in the Adult Baby Community to participate in a documentary series.” As they assure, all submissions are kept confidential, unless you make it onto the show of course.  Jezebel

Closing Time Tweets: The Borders New York location just closed its doors permanently, but it managed to keep tweeting until the bitter end. Along with sad twitpics of empty shelves and answers to customers’ questions, its Twitter page @BordersNYC also became a memorial of sorts, as this Daily Dot article notes, with people tweeting about fond memories they had at Borders New York. RIP. The Daily Dot

Video of the Day: I am not a cat person, but we all have that soft spot for videos of cats doing human things — or in this case doing Jedi things.

New Yorker Humor of Day: This is how you properly apologize for sexting, all kinds of sexting — including instances that involve a below-the-belt pic with the disclaimer statement: “My genitals look older than the rest of me because of all the wear and tear from my triple-extreme snowboarding.” The New Yorker

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