Digiday’s Best of The Week

Whether its ripe for ridicule or a developing promising new format, digital media always presents something interesting. Here are Digiay’s top five stories this week:

1. Pitchfork Opts Out of the Pageview Rat Race
Using an engaging editorial format to display a long-form feature on the new Daft Punk album release, Pitchfork forgoes the pageview race to the bottom. Their goal is to be the best music magazine, not the biggest.

2. The Price of Original Content
Content aggregation can get messy. Digiday’s editor-in-chief Brian Morrissey wrote about the cost of appropriating content and undermining other’s hard work and professional relationships.

3. 20 Signs You’ve Been in PR Too Long
If truthiness over truth is good enough for you, there’s a chance you’re an expert in PR.

4. Brands That Do Content Right
Want to know who’s doing a good job of creating useful content? These brands have it figured out when it comes to marketing relevant information.

5. Programmatic Comes to Out-of-Home Ads
It won’t be long before out-of-home ads are bought and targeted towards certain demographics. Third-party data will fuel screen ads in shopping malls, bars, and taxi cabs.

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