How the Financial Times balances advertising with subscription models

In June at the Digiday Publishing Summit Japan, publishers gathered to discuss the challenges of international expansion and the audience growth opportunities afforded by platforms and apps. We have made the best sessions from that summit available on iTunes and Stitcher through Digiday Live, a podcast series from Digiday that features the best conversations and presentations from the summits we host around the world, all downloadable for easy listening.

In the latest episode, the Financial Times shared how it is adapting to its new owners, Nikkei Group, and what it’s meant for monetization strategies. In November 2015, the Financial Times announced that it had been bought from Pearson by Nikkei Group for a cool $1.3 billion. At the summit seven months later, Hiroko Hoshino, regional online director for the paper’s Asia sales and Sacha Bunatyan, global marketing director at the Financial Times, talked about how the newspaper’s monetization strategies have shifted since the purchase, including balancing advertising with subscription models.

“The kind of data that we get from subscription is much, much stronger than the data that you get else from programmatic or an ad network,” says Hoshino.

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  • John Marcom, svp of international strategy at Time Inc., discussed how the publishing behemoth — one of the largest in the world in terms of readers — builds loyal audiences at scale.
  • Forbes’ open publishing platform was met with skepticism at its launch in 2010, but today it’s being used to develop audiences around the world. In this session, Forbes’ managing editor Alan Griffin talks about how the publisher is doing it.

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